What to Wear


Almost every lifestyle party has a theme, and dressing up for these themes adds excitement to the experience.

Every weekend, Chicago clubs host parties with different themes. I recently checked out the Lux’s website, and their most recent party had a Country theme. I saw many people rocking jeans, daisy dukes, and more.

You don’t have to strictly follow the theme. In Chicago, lots of people decide to attend these parties spontaneously. So even if the theme is “Red” and you don’t have anything red to wear, just go for it. Dress confidently and attractively, and you’ll blend in perfectly.

Dress Codes for Men

The guidelines for dress codes at Chicago swinger clubs mainly focus on men’s attire, but why?

Well, typically, women strive to make an impression while men often need some guidance. This trend can be observed not only in swinger clubs but also in high-end restaurants throughout Chicago.

Women elegantly don themselves in stunning cocktail dresses and high heels, while their partners opt for cargo shorts, sandals, and a T-shirt. Over time, society has become more “casual,” yet men seem to have taken it to the extreme of sloppiness.

The good news is that due to the prevalent casual attire among men, it’s effortless to stand out as the best-dressed gentleman in most places.

When considering visiting a specific club, be sure to browse through their website. You will typically find detailed information about the dress code. For instance, one Chicago club’s website advises, “no athletic wear, no sports jerseys, torn tee shirts, or athletic gear, no construction boots, no hoodies and no baseball caps.”

Respect and adhere to these guidelines to make a lasting impression. Think about it—who do you believe would attract more attention at a party: Steve Carell or Ryan Gosling?

Women seeking men at these clubs are looking for a man, not someone who dresses like her six-year-old. While everyone’s style differs, button-down shirts and dress shoes will separate you from most swinger single men (and most men in general!).

Women’s Clothing Tips

Ladies, wear whatever outfit makes you feel absolutely amazing. Apologies in advance for being a little explicit, but we all understand the power of looking and feeling our best. If you feel most confident in jeans, heels, a revealing top, and a push-up bra, go ahead and rock that ensemble. The result? You’ll blend in effortlessly and exude absolute magnificence.

Perhaps you lean towards lingerie and a stylish cover-up. That’s absolutely perfect.

When it comes to swinger clubs, the go-to attire tends to be inexpensive party dresses found on Amazon. They are incredibly versatile, making them the ideal choice for themed events. As an example, here’s a stunning green dress that would be perfect for a “green,” “spring,” or “St. Patrick’s Day” theme, and it’s priced at just $5.99.

Pool Parties

If you’re attending a Chicago Swinger Club’s pool party, casual wear is the name of the game. Pool season is very short in Chicago. 

The Bottom Line

Dress to impress in whatever makes you feel hot, and you’ll have a blast.