What to Bring

What to bring inside, and what to leave in your car. 


Feel free to bring your own beverages (BYOB) to most clubs. If you enjoy a drink or two, make sure to bring the perfect amount to enhance your evening of fun. It’s important to be responsible with your alcohol consumption, so avoid bringing a large bottle if you plan to limit yourself. Remember, indulging excessively can quickly turn a good time into a less enjoyable experience.

Additionally, be sure to check the club’s website carefully to see if they offer complimentary mixers. It’s worth noting that some clubs may have a no-alcohol policy, so it’s wise to confirm beforehand.


Weed is legal in Illinois, and its usage has become as common as alcohol. Be sure to ask the host if, when and where you can smoke marijuna. Follow the rules. 

ED Medication

Let’s get real right off the bat. Ask yourself one question: Do you consider yourself a better-than-average driver?

Look, my friend, I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Hell yeah, I’m a better driver than most!” But let’s be honest, statistically, that just can’t be true, can it?

That bravado is what dooms most men’s first experience to any club. You walk in thinking you’re invincible, but walk out humbled. 

Now, I’ve been to countless lifestyle parties across the nation, hitting up all the hottest clubs as well as Desire and Hedonism. And let me drop this truth bomb on you: If you’re swinging, chances are you might have a little trouble in the erection department without some ED medication.

Swinger sex is a whole different ballgame, my friend. Picture this: you’re in an unfamiliar environment, with someone you’ve barely known for an hour. The sound of dance music and random conversations fills the air, and there might be a few curious onlookers around.

And then there’s the added complexity of condoms. Your brain needs to shift gears from the primal instincts of sexual penetration to the more nuanced task of finding, unwrapping, and putting on a condom.

Oh, and guess what? Your partner might be getting it on right next to you.

Even if you’re young, healthy, and have never experienced any issues before, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll face some erectile dysfunction at a swinger club.

Here’s the reality check you need: You’re not special. And trust me, you’ll feel pretty foolish if you leave the club red-faced, remembering that I warned you about all this.

Now, let me introduce you to Shameless Care, the go-to provider for all your ED needs when it comes to the swinger lifestyle. With Shameless Care, you can choose between generic Viagra or generic Cialis, simply fill out an online medical questionnaire, and have your medication discreetly delivered to your doorstep within a week.

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Vibrators, Lube, and Other Sex Accessories

Swinger couples often have a special bag they affectionately refer to as their “pleasure kit,” filled with enticing items that enhance their intimate moments.

Feel free to bring anything that contributes to a pleasurable experience—whether it’s a playful toy like a vibrator or anything else that ignites your passion.

Remember, engaging only with your partner in the presence of others can be incredibly exhilarating. So, gather whatever you desire to create an extraordinary and unforgettable encounter!