Temptation Review

Curious what it’s like to attend Temptation?

Temptation Cancun Resort is a unique, adults-only destination famed for its vibrant atmosphere and innovative concept, designed to offer a playful yet sophisticated vacation experience. Situated along the stunning coast of Cancun, Mexico, this resort caters primarily to adventurous couples and singles looking for a dynamic and social holiday environment. With its signature topless-optional areas, Temptation encourages a sense of freedom and liberation, paired with a strong emphasis on privacy and respect among guests. The resort boasts an array of amenities, including themed pools, nightly entertainment, and gourmet dining options, all designed to foster interactions and create unforgettable memories. Its architecture and themed events capitalize on the sensual and fun aspects of the adult vacation experience, making it a standout choice for those seeking to blend relaxation with vibrant nightlife and social engagement.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s a review from a couple who’s stayed many times.


We’re a spirited couple from the Midwest (he’s 37, she’s 35), with a tapestry of lifestyle experiences spanning eight years. Visiting Temptation Resorts both as newcomers and seasoned adventurers, we’ve compiled our thoughts from five visits over six years. Our journey includes stays at major lifestyle resorts (Desire, Temptation, Hedonism) and other adults-only all-inclusive spots in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Frequent travelers with a love for gastronomy, we’ve explored exclusive dining across major Midwest cities, bringing a well-rounded perspective to our review.

Resort Experience:

Temptation welcomes you with a vibe that whispers ‘welcome home’ to your innermost desires, standing out as your soon-to-be favorite escape. The post-2017 renovation presents a clean, well-maintained, and refreshingly sexy ambiance. The resort vibes with energizing music and staff professionalism, enhancing the sexy atmosphere from the moment you arrive. Despite the compact yet crowded workout facility, the environment remains friendly, encouraging shared use. The underexplored spa offers tranquility, especially on rainy days.

The Sexy pool is the resort’s heartbeat, where engaging staff activities ensure a vibrant scene perfect for forging new friendships and indulging in flirtatious conversations. The attire at the pool reflects a boldness found in few other resorts, with many women opting for minimalist bikinis and men in sleek swimwear. Securing a pool chair may require a friendly request to fellow guests, highlighting the community’s welcoming nature. Remember to pack sunscreen, or visit the conveniently located stores across the street for any forgotten items.

Culinary offerings at Temptation stand out in the region, with dinner attire elevating the experience. Transparent communication with staff regarding dietary needs, facilitated by bilingual business cards, guarantees a seamless dining experience. Tower guests or those referred by members enjoy exclusive dining perks, making early reservations essential for signature experiences like She and Sutra. Don’t miss breakfast on the beach for its stunning views and delectable fare.

While the beach may play a secondary role due to its size and conditions, it remains immaculate. The nearby marina hosts an ‘unofficial’ cruise, a highly recommended adventure for newcomers, fostering quick friendships and unforgettable moments. This activity seamlessly blends with the resort’s ethos, making it a key social catalyst.

Evening entertainment transitions smoothly into night, where theme nights invite guests to creatively express themselves. The dance floor remains lively into the early hours, supported by a late-night grill serving as the perfect energy booster for extended festivities.

Hottest Experience:

Our visits have always left us with lasting memories, particularly our engagements with the resort’s charming single male guests. A standout moment was when our female partner’s flirtatious dance led her to an exceptionally attractive man, sparking an immediate connection. This encounter smoothly transitioned to our room, evolving into an intensely memorable night that stretched into dawn, a testament to Temptation’s ability to facilitate deeply sensual experiences.