Is it ok to attend if we don't want to have sex?

Absolutely. Some of the best swinger club attendees NEVER have sex at a swinger club. They dance. They laugh. They head home. 

How do we turn people down?

No worries! Normally, people only ask to get closer or be more affectionate after some friendly banter. If you’re not reciprocating, they’ll probably move on and start a conversation with someone else. Even if you do have to turn someone down, a simple “No thank you” will do the trick. Trust me, you’ve got this!

How do we flirt?

Have you ever considered exploring a new and exciting lifestyle, even after being happily married for a decade, two decades, or even three? It’s quite the adventure! Flirting may initially feel unfamiliar, but trust me, compliments can work wonders. If you find someone attractive, don’t hold back—let them know! Your kind words can make their night memorable, even if they aren’t particularly interested in you or your partner. So why not give it a try and see where it leads?


Swinger clubs aren’t orgies, but rather spaces for like-minded individuals to connect with each other. If you choose to join, it’s important to have open discussions about STD status with potential partners.

Contrary to common misconceptions, swingers have similar STD rates as the general population. These individuals are genuinely concerned about maintaining their sexual health, just like you are.

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What Else Should We Know?

Men will almost certainly not be able to get an erection when swinging without ED medication.

Swinger sex differs from regular sex. It involves being in unfamiliar public settings with a partner you just met. You’ll hear dance music and random conversations, and there may be an audience. Adding condoms adds another level of complexity. Your focus shifts from primal sexual instincts to the process of finding, unwrapping, and using a condom. And, it’s worth mentioning the possibility of witnessing your partner engage in other sexual activities nearby.

Unfortunately, even if you’re young, healthy, and have never experienced erectile dysfunction before, it’s highly likely that it may occur in a swinger club. That’s precisely why the majority of people in the swinger lifestyle resort to ED medication.

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