Desire Review

Curious what it’s like to attend Desire?

Desire Resort, located in the breathtaking Riviera Maya, is an exclusive, adults-only retreat that caters to couples seeking a sensual and liberated vacation experience. This all-inclusive destination is renowned for its clothing-optional policy, allowing guests to fully embrace a natural and uninhibited lifestyle within a secure and private environment. The resort’s design and activities are thoughtfully curated to enhance intimacy and connection among couples, offering a mix of relaxation and titillating entertainment. From provocative theme nights to inviting, couples-centric workshops, Desire Resort provides a multitude of opportunities for guests to explore their boundaries and reignite passion. The property features luxurious accommodations, gourmet dining, and picturesque ocean views, creating an idyllic backdrop for romantic escapades. It’s a sanctuary where fantasies become reality, offering an unparalleled setting for those dedicated to celebrating their love in a most adventurous manner.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s a review from a couple who’s stayed many times.


As a dynamic couple hailing from the Midwest (he’s 37, she’s 35), our journey through various lifestyle experiences spans over eight years. Both of us bring a mix of attractiveness and fitness into our adventures. Our insights into Desire Resorts are drawn from our extensive background in the lifestyle, including stays at major lifestyle destinations like Desire, Temptation, and Hedonism, as well as other adults-only and all-inclusive resorts in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Frequent travelers with a penchant for fine dining, our review is informed by our single but memorable visit to Desire, offering a perspective enriched by our culinary adventures across major Midwest cities.

Resort Experience:

Upon arrival at Desire, a sense of unparalleled luxury and belonging envelops you, distinguishing it as a premier lifestyle resort. Immaculate and exquisitely maintained, with renovations slated for 2023/2024, the resort’s allure is immediate. The staff’s professionalism and warmth set the stage for a world-class experience, ensuring every aspect, from the pristine rooms to the engaging day and night entertainment, exceeds expectations. While the fitness facilities may seem secondary, the underappreciated spa offers a sanctuary of relaxation, especially on less sunny days, thanks to the staff’s dedication to exceptional service.

Life at Desire orbits around the pool, where the staff’s lively entertainment fosters a vibrant social atmosphere. As the day transitions to night, the hot tub becomes a nexus of intimate conversations and new friendships, in an environment where attire (or the lack thereof) is a personal choice, not a mandate. The resort’s distinct approach to swimwear, encouraging freedom and boldness, sets it apart. However, securing a pool chair might require a little effort and perhaps a tip, but the friendly community is always open to sharing space.

Dining at Desire is a culinary adventure, with guests often dressing to impress in the evenings, adhering to a code that elevates the dining experience beyond the typical resort fare. Our personal approach to navigating dietary needs and preferences—utilizing bilingual business cards to communicate with staff—has consistently ensured a seamless dining experience. Early reservations are key to enjoying the sit-down restaurants, each offering a diverse and flavorful menu.

While not the primary draw, the resort’s beach section is a tranquil retreat, perfect for unwinding or discreetly enjoying the company of your partner or new friends. The serene beach and responsive service ensure a relaxing day by the sea.

Evenings at Desire are electrified by high-quality entertainment, themed nights, and a dance floor that pulses into the early hours. The atmosphere encourages creativity and connection, with theme nights inviting guests to express themselves through imaginative costumes. The late-night grill becomes a popular spot for a post-dance snack, fueling the night’s continued revelries.

Hottest Experience:

Our most unforgettable moment unfolded after a spontaneous suggestion to retreat to the rooftop hot tub following a late-night snack. The encounter with a couple we’d been engaging with led to a night of shared intimacy and exploration that lingered into dawn, leaving us with memories we still cherish and recount. This experience encapsulates the essence of Desire—unforgettable connections and the freedom to fulfill your deepest desires.