Unconventional Nights Out in Chicago for Non-Monogamous Couples

Chicago, My kind of town! Chicago, with its bustling nightlife and inclusive culture, offers an array of venues where those who identify as part of or are curious about the consensually non-monogamous community can find a welcoming space. Unlike traditional swinger clubs, certain bars in the city radiate an open-minded vibe where adventurous couples can mingle, connect, and share experiences with like-minded individuals. If you’re navigating the landscape of non-monogamy or looking for...

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Swinger Clubs are too Inexpensive

Last Friday evening, my wife and I ventured into the vibrant heart of Chicago and found ourselves at Joy District, situated at 112 West Hubbard Street. This laid-back locale was far from the upscale scene—you won't find pretentious vibes or minimalist decor here. Instead, the place buzzed with the lively energy of college basketball fans, with wall-to-wall screens broadcasting back-to-back games. Amidst the cheers and excitement, we settled in and ordered our spirits of choice—a classic...

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An Experience in Hotwifing

My partner and I are very much into hotwifing, where a married woman has sex with other men with the full consent and enjoyment of her husband. It's different from Cuckolding, where the husband is humiliated, and the wife's sex act with others is a source of domination over the husband. We have completed these adventures at swinger events but keep attempting to do so with vanilla men at bars and restaurants around the Chicago area. Our hotwife adventures have gone amazingly well in swinger...

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