An Experience in Hotwifing

Feb 6, 2024 | Swinging

My partner and I are very much into hotwifing, where a married woman has sex with other men with the full consent and enjoyment of her husband. It’s different from Cuckolding, where the husband is humiliated, and the wife’s sex act with others is a source of domination over the husband.

We have completed these adventures at swinger events but keep attempting to do so with vanilla men at bars and restaurants around the Chicago area. Our hotwife adventures have gone amazingly well in swinger clubs and even during a recent visit to a Hedonism resort. However, they have all been “strikeouts” in the vanilla world.

It typically goes like this: my wife will go into a bar by herself, and I’ll either sit outside in the parking lot awaiting her spicy text message updates, or I’ll come inside a bar just a few minutes after her and sit separately to watch.

Take our last attempt, which was in Rosemont. We had dinner at Gibson’s restaurant and arrived about one hour before our reservation. She entered the bar and sat alone; I sat on the other end to observe.

Now you have to imagine my wife, who is drop-dead gorgeous and wearing a stunning dress. In a world of women wearing joggers, she stands out.

Almost immediately, a man 30 years her senior approaches and starts conversing with her. She’s being polite, but he’s intoxicated. He tells her many stories, most of them contradictory. He finally asks her if she’s interested in chatting more, and she politely says, “No, thank you.” He replies, “Well, you’re not talking to anyone else…” and continues to badger her. I finally stepped in and stopped the uncomfortable situation.

We have a great dinner and then head to the piano bar. Again, we separate, but I sit on the balcony this time. I’m the only customer up there, but it gives me the perfect “bird eye” view to see the action. Will anyone approach her? Will she find the man of her fantasies?

Almost immediately, a group of seven friends all notice her simultaneously. It’s a group of three couples and a man. While I cannot hear what anyone is saying, it’s clear that they are goating their friend into approaching her.

They huddle up like a football team before a play. They are pointing at her, building their friend up, and encouraging him to approach the most beautiful woman at the bar.

He takes off towards my wife.

He’s approaching her! He walks confidently as she sits erect on a barstool with a friendly smile. He gets to within 10 feet of her, turns around, and walks back to his friends.

He chickened out and had no idea that her husband saw the entire thing.

His friends roast him, forcing him to admit he is a coward. He has no idea how close he came to glory.

We went to a couple more bars in Rosemont and finally returned to our hotel room at the DoubleTree. One of the enjoyable things about hotwifing is that while it rarely works out, it’s always sexy fun.

Ultimately, we created some fun memories, outstanding stories, and another adventure together.