Advice for Single Men

Hey there, curious adventurer! When it comes to swinger clubs, it’s important to note that rules can vary. While some clubs embrace single men, others might have different policies. To avoid any surprises, make sure to delve into the depths of each club’s website and RSVP exclusively for the parties that happily welcome your presence. Now, for all you single gentlemen out there, here’s some juicy advice to enhance your experience at swinger clubs. Let’s dive in!

Dress Like a Man

Consider the attire of young boys – baseball caps, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and tennis shoes. However, when it comes to a sensual rendezvous or an exciting MMF encounter, a woman seeks a mature man, not one who resembles a little boy. Your style can elevate you above the average swinger single men (and men in general) if you opt for button-down shirts and dress shoes. Dare to stand out!

A warning

Imagine this: You gather up the courage to attend a Chicago swinger club. Among all the clubs in the area, only one allows single men, and they have a special process to carefully select gentlemen like yourself. After successfully navigating through all the requirements, you finally make it to your first event.

And then, something truly incredible happens.

A stunning 35-year-old MILF shows interest in you. You dance, you touch, and she whispers in your ear “I’d like you to come to a playroom and fuck me in front of my husband.” 

But let’s be real, this is unlike any experience you’ve ever had before. You find yourself in a new environment, being seduced by an absolute knockout, and you’re feeling the pressure like never before. Then she wants you to fuck her while you’re being watched by her husband, who is a total stranger to you. 

You’re only kidding yourself if you think you can handle this “au naturale.”

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Stop Leering

I recently came across some helpful advice in a book called The Game by Neil Strauss. According to the author, when you spot an attractive person, you only have a few seconds to decide if you should approach them or not.

It’s important to make a quick decision: either approach them right away or let the opportunity pass. The reason behind this is quite simple:leering is creepy.

I’m sure you can relate to this situation where single men can sometimes be hesitant to approach someone they’re interested in, but they end up just being present without taking any action. It can be both annoying and uncomfortable for everyone involved. If only they could muster the courage to approach, they would at least receive a clear response, even if it’s not what they hoped for.

So, for all the single men out there, here’s a friendly suggestion on how to handle such situations. If you spot a couple you’re interested in, just approach them and say something like, “Hi! I don’t want to intrude, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you are very beautiful.” Be respectful and acknowledge that you understand they might not be interested in a single male joining them that night. However, if they are open to it, suggest that they find you later. Rest assured, you won’t be a bother and you’ll still be around if they change their minds. Remember, the key here is to approach with a friendly and genuine attitude.

By saying, “I can only stay a second,” you immediately put their concerns at ease, assuring them that you won’t invade their personal space for too long. Express your interest and give them the freedom to decide. By doing so, you’ve made your intentions clear and can continue enjoying your own night.

Drink Less

Enjoy a great time without the need for alcohol to boost your confidence. Remember, drinking won’t make you braver, cooler, or more attractive. It will alter your behavior and even affect your sexual performance.

Here’s a pro tip: Determine your ideal alcohol consumption for a fun evening and bring only that amount. Bringing excessive alcohol could lead to overindulgence and spoil your night or someone else’s.

As a single male, your actions are scrutinized more closely. While many couples are open to threesome experiences, people are more judgmental of single males.

Some clubs allow you to bring your own alcohol and provide complimentary mixers. Take a moment to carefully review the club’s website for more details.

Let the good times roll and make memorable experiences without relying on alcohol!